Courses and lectures have been commissioned by Shell, Marathon, Addax, ADTI, McGrigors Solicitors and Sinopec and have been presented in London, Aberdeen, Calgary, Lagos and Kuala Lumpur.  

Courses on Upstream Oil and Gas

  • Fundamentals of Upstream Petroleum Agreements
  • Commercial Fundamentals of the Upstream Oil Industry
  • Production Sharing Agreements
  • Joint Operating Agreements
  • Upstream Supply and Construction Contracts
  • The Culture of the Oil Industry

Courses on International Business

  • Principles and Practice of Commercial Contracts
  • Free Markets and Freedom of Contract


  • Doing Business in the Middle East
  • Dealing Across Cultures

A Customised Approach

We are happy to develop new titles, within our sphere of expertise, or to expand our current titles to meet client requirements.

The ideal number of attendees for in-house courses is between 15-25, however lectures can be tailored to suit a much larger audience.  

In-house courses can be arranged at fairly short notice and can be conducted either on the company's own premises or at a nearby hotel or conference centre.

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